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ďAs a GAL, you are challenged by many things outside your control: the legal mandates; the manpower shortages; the number of children alleged to be abused and neglected; and the number of hours in a day. However, it never fails to amaze me that despite these challenges, you remain dedicated and committed to serving the best interests of the children of Wake County (and beyond). --- Honorable Judge Debra Sasser


New Volunteer Training

The Wake County Guardian ad Litem training curriculum is taught by certified and experienced GAL trainers and staff. Volunteers receive 30 hours of classroom instruction and several hours of required court observation. 

Training typically occurs in the evenings; however, we occasionally offer an alternative training schedule.

Following completion of training, volunteers take an oath of service and are sworn in by a judge at the courthouse.

In-service Training

The Wake County Guardian ad Litem program provides continuing in-service training and other events to help volunteer advocates develop the skills and knowledge needed to advocate effectively for children. Some in-service training is offered in partnership with the Wake County Departent of Social Services and other local human service organizations. 

Call the Wake GAL program office at 919-792-5353 for information about the next training class scheduled. You may also check the current newsletter for information about upcoming new volunteer training.



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